35mm slide scanner

Recently ended up with several thousand family 35 mm slides and promised my
brothers I would scan the slides and create a digital collection for each one of
them. Received the scanner and after a bit of reading, had the slide scanner up
and working relatively quickly. Previously I scanned on an HP Scanjet 5470 and
the process was slow and not the best copy quality. I am finding that of the
slides I have scanned so far with the Wolverine scanner, they are all coming out
on the dark side and require work to optimize contrast, etc. Many of the slides
that are winter shots are washing out as if the light source in the scanner is
not consistent across the surface. No amount of processing with software has, so
far, taken the scanned images to an acceptable image. If I had to do it over, I
would invest in a better scanner.
35mm slide scanner


Bushnell spotting scope store

Bushnell Elite 15 – 45×60 Zoom Compact Spotting Scope… zoom in on
exceptional detail in a compact size! Compact, easy-to-handle size with very big
features! Utilizing the latest Bushnell technology, these Scopes deliver a
clear, bright image regardless of weather conditions. They’re ideal for
traveling, birders, backpackers and big game hunters. Waterproof, fogproof and
shockproof. Our price won’t shock you either! Features and specifications: PC-3
phase coating; Protective Rainguard feature; BaK-4 prisms; 100% waterproof;
Rubber armored body; Tough rubber armored body; Zoom eyepiece; Protective case;
Magnification x objective lens 15-45×60; Field of view at 100 yards 125′ at 15x;
65 at 45x; Close focus 30′; Exit pupil 4 mm at 15x; 1.3 mm at 45x.; Length 12.2;
Weight 26.5 ozs.; Accurate and right on the target… order your Elite Spotting
Scope today! Bushnell Elite 15-45×60 Zoom Compact Spotting Scope
bushnell spotting scope

Emerald cut diamond ring

Emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for the bride-to-be who wants
something a little out of the ordinary…something that causes that sought-after
‘gasp’ when she shows it off. This is an elegant style of diamond that gets a
great reaction, but without taking a huge bite out of your budget. An emerald
cut diamond, as the name suggests, is cut in the style that was originally used
only for emeralds. Emeralds are a fairly hard stone, but are known for having a
large number of naturally occurring internal flaws. These flaws cause emeralds
to be extremely easy to break…which in turn makes cutting them a challenge.
The solution was to use a stepped, rectangular cut with cropped corners. It
wasn’t long though until this cut was being used for other stones, including
diamonds.emerald cut diamond ring

Flat screen tv stands

I searched high and low for a swivel tv stand. I saw this stand for almost
double the price at PC Richards & Electonic Expo. I received the package and
noticed some damage to the box. The plastic insert that sits inside the metal
stand was broken. It was quickly shipped out to me from Bello. There were also a
small few dents in the metal stand, however unnoticeable when the stand was put
together. The instructions to assemble the unit were poor. It took my husband
about 2 to 3 hours to put it together. Some of the screws did not line up
perfectly with the screw holes but the wood finish inserts covered that area.
All of the materials were supplied to assemble the stand in all configurations.
Not having great instuctions made assembly a little more difficult but not
impossible.flat screen tv stands

Solar panels for sale

This was sort of an experiment for me. I have a remote pond that I wanted to
run a small pump in and there was no way I was about to string cable almost 2000
ft. So I did some quick math and figured with a timer I could run that pump
about 8 hours a day with this setup and a car battery (it’s only a small Beckett
pump). If I got more or less time, it was no big deal – I figured something was
better than nothing. So when this setup went on sale, I thought I’d give it a
whirl. Certainly more reliable than wind for me. Unlike others, packaging seemed
pretty good (Each cell wrapped in bubble wrap first, then surrounded
individually with styrofoam). But I can still imagine the box getting
dropped/kicked/etc and something breaking. So.. your mileage may vary. But aside
from the shipping, this was an easy setup. I would have liked a more rigid metal
frame, but the PCV is acceptable considering the cost. I may still craft
something myself down the road. The inverter is cheap – but I’m not trying to
run a table saw here so it serves my need. The specs are well stated in the
previous review and product description and I found similar results so far. I
was impressed that even in heavy shade, it was still charging at about 20mA (I
used an inline meter). In direct sun, the charge controller is pushing the full
7A. I’m curious if a larger charge controller can do more – that might be a test
down the road for me. Note: It helps if you have basic electrical skills. The
install guide is cheezy at best and I could picture somebody with no clue doing
something completely backwards. Luckily, most of the connectors are polarized so
you can’t go "too" wrong. Go slow – read – make sure you undertand – and you’ll
be fine. Based on what I see so far, I like it – a lot. I’ll try to remind
myself to do a follow up review to let everyone know how much and how long I can
actually run that pump. I think this is going to be ideal for my situation.
Buy solar panels for sale

Clic Glasses Store.

I purchase these for my Mom and Mother in Law for Christmas. It was perfect
for one, not for the other.
My Mother in Law loved them. She is always losing her glasses and that is not a
problem any more. She has a thin face and the glasses looked great on her face.
She has short hair, so when she would drop the glasses down around her neck, and
then move them up to use them again – it was not a problem. My Mom on the other
hand has longer thick hair, and when she would drop them down while she was not
using them, and then up again – her long hair would bubble up in the back. So
she would have to completely take them off and put them back on again every
time.  However, she has a "Jacqueline Onassis" shape face, and they look
wonderful on her as well.If I had to wear reading glasses – I would definitely own at least one pair!
Clic glasses

Closet shoe organizer

I have a vast and varied shoe collection. This organizer finally got them off
the floor of the closet where they used to sit in a huge cluttered mess.The 20
pockets are very sturdy and roomy. I managed to fit more than one pair of
women’s size 8.5s in most of the pockets. In fact, I fit 32 pairs of shoes in
it! I opted to hang it over the door of my closet and the door still closes
comfortably. The only problem is that it didn’t fit all my shoes but that’s
really my problem…lol. I will most likely end up getting another one..closet shoe organizer